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The best coffee beans

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Each year, we go to the four corners of the world to find the best origins of coffee directly at the source. Thanks to close relations with our agricultural partners, we are able to support them directly and thus benefit from full traceability. Our partners, like us, are committed to ecologically and socially sustainable practices.

Roasting is
at the heart of all our efforts

After more than 30 years of roasting, we have become experts in developing distinct profiles for each level of roast: light, medium, dark and espresso. It is not enough to follow a recipe, you have to highlight all the nuances of the bean. That's what we strive to bring to your cup.

Our certifications

When you choose Vittoria Coffee, you have the peace of mind that the coffees have met the strictest food safety standards!

Our certifications

Our food safety and quality standards promise that our products are developed, processed, prepared and handled according to the most demanding global food safety standards.

-GFSI - Global Food Safety Initiative (under the SQF referential)
-SFCR - Safe Food for Canadians Registrations
-HACCP - Hasard Analysis Critical Control Point

With values such as sustainable development and social responsibility, we were keen to create an organic and Fairtrade certified range!

-Organic (since 1998) & Québec Vrai TG92300
-Fairtrade (Fair Trade) (since 2000) FLO ID 1329
-Aliments préparés au Québec (since 2012)
-Kosher certification
-RFA (Rainforest Alliance)

Our brands

Vittoria Coffee

This is our house brand of gourmet coffees designed to serve businesses working in the distribution and food service sectors. With a large selection of coffees offered in a variety of institutional formats, Vittoria Coffee has carved out a place for itself among the largest commercial-capacity private roasters in Canada.

Café William Spartivento

In 2003, Vittoria Coffee created a retail brand named Café William Spartivento to better serve its consumers at home. These coffees can be found in the largest food retailers in Quebec and Canada. Café William sets itself apart with its organic and Fairtrade certified coffees as well as its unique blends and origins, all offered at an affordable price.

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