Our Story

Founded in 1988 in Quebec, Les Cafés Vittoria is the result of a group of entrepreneurs specializing in business coffee breaks. Seeking to improve their coffee offer, they decide to buy an oven to roast it themselves. And what a success it was … A few years later, they had already exceeded their roasting capacity!

In 1995, Les Cafés Vittoria acquired La Réserve du Cafetier de Sherbrooke and moved all of its operations there. The company is now called La Réserve Vittoria and is quickly becoming a leader in the development of private labels for small and large companies working in food services and coffee breaks.

Today, Vittoria Coffee is one of the largest importers and coffee beans roasters in Canada. We specialize in private labels and purchasing small batches of sought-after origins, and we offer a wide range of organic and fair trade coffees.

Mot du président

“At Vittoria Coffee, we believe that fair trade coffee is the best way to honour the tremendous efforts of the people on the ground who grow and harvest coffee. It is also our way of assuming our share of the responsibility for this precious product and ensuring its sustainability by allowing the artisans to make a decent living. ”

Rémi Tremblay
President and CEO at Vittoria Coffee

Rémi Tremblay, president and CEO at Vittoria Coffee

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