Private labels

Café Vittoria actively participates in the commercial and economic development of its clients and has the unique advantage of specializing in private labels. We listen to our customers in order to offer personalized products that suit their needs.

Distinction : In today's market private labels are an indispensable tool that serve to differentiate one company from another. The distinction from other lies not only in the image of the product but also in the unique flavours associated with it.

Expertise : At Café Vittoria, we work with our customers to help them develop their corporate image. This includes personalized services related to packaging and labelling, as well as promotional materials that are essential to successfully marketing their image with the diverse selection of coffees we offer. We help our customers along this process every step of the way; from the initial idea to the finished product.

Satisfaction : Café Vittoria meets client expectations with regards to labelling and exclusivity requirements. Over the years, we have developed over 125 private labels for our clients.

We have the experience our customers need to help boost their sales and present carefully selected coffees to the consumers that will ensure brand loyalty. The fields in which we excel are varied, including; retail, cafeterias, restaurants, hotel chains as well as coffee vending services. The excellent service, along with the quality of the coffee we offer is the pride of the Café Vittoria name and is the reason why we are continually experiencing growth as a company.

Café Vittoria
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