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Our mission

Since the very beginning our goal has been to offer the best coffee and to better serve our customers. Our efforts in research and development are also geared towards the realisation of these goals. It is with this in mind that we are developing our network in order to better serve our customers and always efficiently respond to their needs.


Our values

cafe_vertQuality, Passion and Perfection: are the principles on which we have built our success and sustained the satisfaction of our customers.

Quality: From the careful selection of the coffee beans to the attention to detail taken with our packaging is an important process with strict regulations in order to control the quality of our products. Our laboratory personnel as well as those working in research and development take care of evaluating our products from the first step to the last.

Passion: Roasting is an art that must be undertaken with care. At the heart of our methodology is our staff, who work in an environment that promotes respect, collaboration and safety. Their passion in their work generates exceptional quality in our products as well as promotes our company's growth.

Perfection: Our motto is to always go one step further to become even better. This is why we constantly strive to improve ourselves, to expand our expertise and our knowledge related to everything coffee.



Past, Present, Future

Since 1982, Café Vittoria has imported, roasted, exported and distributed premium quality coffee beans. Our meteoric growth has made us one of Canada’s major leaders in the industry, and we are working hard to become a leader throughout North America as well.

Each year we travel around the world to discover the best coffee sources and create solid ties with producers so as to continue to offer you the finest ingredients. The newest technologocal innovations are also at the heart of the superior coffees that we offer.

Our distribution and roasting network has expanded over the course of time. The company’s head office is located in Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada), but we now have satellite offices and processing centers in Toronto (Ontario, Canada), and Portland (Oregon, USA).

Café Vittoria
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